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"Rural Alaska Landfill Operators "

Attention Landfill Operators & Administrators!
Solid Waste Administration
& Rural Alaska Landfill Operator (RALO)
Training Schedule

Contact: Ted Jacobson, ted.ssws@gmail.com (907) 317-0946


RALO COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Rural Alaska Landfill Operator (RALO) course is for the
designated landfill operator and administrator in a village with a Class III landfill or open dump,
and focuses on the duties of the landfill operator, their personal safety, and the safety of the
village. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the landfill operator's role to keep the village
clean and the landfill free from harmful substances. Participants will learn about landfill
regulations and requirements, household hazardous waste, waste separation and screening,
waste reduction and segregation, recycling, personal protection equipment, and much more.

Course will take place at the BP Center in Anchorage. RALO will be held in conjunction with the Alaska Forum February 13th.

Swana  - Solid Waste Association of North America - Alaska Chapter

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